g.BSamp: Specs & Features

Stand-alone analog biosignal amplifier, 16 channels, 2 independent grounds

The g.tec biosignal amplifier is a basic signal-conditioning tool for biosignal data acquisition and real-time analysis through MATLAB and SIMULINK. Its user-selectable multi-channel modules allow the simultaneous recording of EEG, EMG, EOG and ECG. The stand-alone amplifier system is equipped with 16 channels. The modules are designed with bipolar inputs, allowing you to perform not only referenced recordings, but also true bipolar recordings and analyses.
Filter, sensitivity and notch settings are user selectable. You can combine the g.BSamp with the g.GAMMAcap, and choose from a huge range of possible electrodes.

g.BSamp represents the optimal equipment for research in the field: from cars to airplanes and/or in vivo training procedures as well as from research to rehabilitation. It has an operating time of 8-10 hours with the battery supplied. Thus, even time consuming training sessions or long field investigations are possible. For use in the lab, a medical mains receiver is available.
Standard settings: LP: 100 Hz/1kHz; HP: 0.5/2 Hz; Sensitivity: +/- 500 uV/5mV; 50(60) Hz notch on/off

Product Highlights

  • Multi-modal amplifier system (EEG, EMG, EOG & ECG)
  • +/- 5V analog output signal range
  • 16 bipolar/real differential input channels
  • User selectable filter and sensitivity settings via robust DIP switches
  • Portable due to available battery supply
  • Compatible with many other user-specific systems
  • Designed for EEG, EMG, EOG and ECG data acquisition

More Product Details

Important Information

g.BSamp must not be used for patient monitoring or determination of brain death.

16 channels per unit, devices can be stacked to build 32-or 64- channel systems. Hardware settings can be adjusted by the user for EEG/EMG/ECG and EOG recording. Adapter cables for many different 3rd-party data acquisitions devices are available.


Measure biosignals reliably even outside your lab

Obtain high quality results under difficult conditions through bipolar recordings
and the battery supply. All inputs are real differential inputs, but can also be used as monopolar/unipolar channels.



Available configurations

Hardware and Accessories

product no.: 0201ar read more g.BSamp: 16ch, 50Hz — 16 channels, 50Hz notch
product no.: 0201br read more g.BSamp: 16ch, 60Hz — 16 channels, 60Hz notch

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Hardware and Accessories

product no.: 0244 read more g.Power - for g.BSamp — medical mains power suppy for g.BSamp, 110/230 V, 50/60 Hz power line, single 12 V supply
product no.: 0251c read more g.ACCUpack for g.BSamp — for one g.BSamp
product no.: 0252 read more Charging device for g.ACCUpack — automatic charging device for battery pack g.ACCUpack (0151a/c), 110/120 V; 50/60 Hz power line; regional adapter for EU, USA, UK,CN/AUS
product no.: 0217 read more BNC adapter 16 channels for g.BSamp — adapter SUB-D to BNC connector, 16 channels
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product no.: 0219c read more ElectroCap-adapter cable — adapter cable for 25 pin SUB-D 16 channel Electrocap for g.BSamp; standard: A: Screening
product no.: 0253c read more adapter cable for g.BSamp — adapter cable g.ACCUpack to g.BSamp, 2m

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