g.Estim: Specs & Features

g.tec's programmable electrical current stimulator

g.Estim RESEARCH is a constant current, mono/biphasic stimulator intended for electrical stimulation of neural tissue. g.Estim RESEARCH has an applied part of type BF with connectors for bipolar stimulation electrodes (anode and cathode). Additionally the device has digital outputs and digital inputs for synchronization with other devices and a USB interface to control the device from a computer. A hand switch allows to perform the stimulation manually. The device can also be triggered in real-time from a computer system and measures the actual stimulation current

Product Highlights

  • Delivers bi-phasic or mono-phasic, constant current pulses
  • Stand-alone device that can be controlled in real-time from a computer system
  • Fully configurable from a computer system
  • Can send/receive triggers to/from other devices for synchronization
  • Includes stimulation current control

Product details

g.Estim is not yet a certified medical product and must not be used for medical applications in humans. The use of g.Estim is restricted to research applications and animal studies. Certified electrical stimulators for medical use in humans are available upon request.

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Product Brochures

g.ESTIM PRO cortical stimulator — 06/21/2017 — 257.98 kB