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g.tec's philosophy is to support all kinds of users with the appropriate software solutions for their projects:

For developers and programmers, there are APIs for Windows/Linux based programming languages as well as for MATLAB. Powerful online/real-time signal acquisition and processing is provided by our High-Speed Online Processing environment for SIMULINK and LabVIEW. Comfortable hardware configuration, signal visualization and storage is possible with g.Recorder, our recording software under Windows. Special plugins for g.Recorder allow online parameter extraction and visualization for clinical research. Offline biosignal analysis with specialized toolboxes for EEG, ECG, classification, high resolution mapping and CFM analysis is provided with g.BSanalyze (available for MATLAB or stand-alone). For BCI-research systems, we offer ready-to-go examples for various approaches. intendiX is the world's first BCI system (P300-speller) developed for patients at home.

g.tec introduced a remote demo system for testing purposes. Do you want to try our analysis software or see how to acquire data from our biosignal amplifiers? Just request a remote test account from g.tec and explore our powerful systems. Access our demo system at home or from your lab! We will configure the system to perfectly fit your needs.

g.tec provides also PDF-Lectures for user training, with both theoretical and practical components and solutions for the tasks. The Lectures can be found in the download section.

New independent recording software. Visualization and storage of biosignal data in the open hdf5-format. Full access to header information, amplifier setup / configuration and device functionality, full video-EEG. Online visualization, storage and print-out of biosignal parameters HR, HRV and CSA.
g.USBamp  ✓   g.MOBIlab+  ✓   not available for g.Nautilus  g.HIamp  ✓  

g.HIsys "High-Speed Online Processing for SIMULINK"
Online biosignal processing and recording with maximum system speed. Easy setup and rapid prototyping for biofeedback/neurofeedback and Brain-Computer Interface applications. Full SIMULINK functionality, easy setup of user-specific applications.
  • g.RTanalyze for SIMULINK: Specialized SIMULINK blockset for real-time/high-speed biosignal analysis and feature extraction (bandpower, Hjorth, Barlow, AAR, filters, heart-rate, heart-rate variability, respiration deepness, spasticity control, ...).
  • BCI applications: P300 spelling, motor imagery, Common Spatial Patterns, SSVEP control, Ping Pong game, vibro-tactile BCI, ACTOR BCI, hyperscanning BCI, hybrid BCI, EMG/EOG/mouse control, CVEP BCI control
  • g.EYEtracking Interface: Acquire eye movements together with biosignals
  • g.UDPinterface: Send data from Simulink to other computers or receive data
  • g.RehaBCI: Complete BCI research bundle for rehabilitation
  • Noldus Observer Interface : Synchronize data with the Noldus Observer
  • g.PHYSIOobserver: Physiological state classification  
g.USBamp  g.MOBIlab+  g.Nautilus    ✓ g.HIamp 

g.HIsys "High-Speed Online Processing for LabVIEW"
Online biosignal processing and recording with maximum system speed. Easy setup and rapid prototyping for biofeedback/neurofeedback and Brain-Computer Interface applications. Full LabVIEW functionality, easy setup of user-specific applications.  
g.USBamp  g.MOBIlab+  not available for g.Nautilus not available for g.HIamp

Device drivers for MATLAB (API)
Full access to the recording buffer and the DAQ device functionality. The Data Acquisition Toolbox enables a quick and easy implementation of data visualization, processing and storage applications under MATLAB. All devices can also be integrated into existing user-specific applications.
g.USBamp  g.MOBIlab+  not available for g.Nautilus not available for g.HIamp

API / device driver package
API for user specific applications based on almost any programming language under Windows or LINUX.
API / device driver package
API for user specific applications based on almost any programming language under Windows or LINUX
API / device driver package
API for user specific applications based on almost any programming language under Windows or LINUX.
API / device driver package
API for user specific applications based on almost any programming language under Windows or LINUX.

Patient-ready P300 spelling system under Windows, easy operation, for communication and control. World's first Personal BCI Speller
Optional : extendiX, extendiX Painting
To control external devices, this special extension tool serves as an interface. extendiX runs on a separate computer that controls other devices/applications such as TV, music, assistive robots, games and so on. extendiX just receives commands from intendiX® via UDP and starts/executes the corresponding application or batch. extendiX Painting integrates a landmark painting application into the intendiX personal Brain-Computer Interface. It allows users to paint by thoughts!
g.USBamp g.MOBIlab+ not available for g.Nautilus not available for g.HIamp

g.BSanalyze: Offline biosignal processing and analysis
Fully GUI-based software package with specialized toolboxes for EEG analysis, ECG analysis, high resolution EEG, cerebral function, spikes and biosignal data classification. The software supports batch processing and the integration of user-specific MATLAB routines. Powerful result presentation. Stand-alone version available (no MATLAB required).

Software updates 2015

New version V3.15.02 of the "g.HIsys for Simulink (High Speed Online Processing) " software is now available!

Please contact if you are interested in receiving the new version. Please check your subscription status! If your subscription is active, the update is free of charge. 

Highlights of the new g.HIsys version:

 More information here: High Speed Online Processing under Simulink

 Additional toolboxes for g.HIsys

  • g.AVATAR 1.15.00 - 3D human avatar for rehabilitation applications
  • g.CSP 2.15.00 - Common Spatial Patterns analysis
  • g.DISTRIBUTEDeeg 1.15.00 – Synchronized biosignal data recording from different distributed systems in the network (synchronicity allows measurement of evoked potentials)
  • g.EMGEOGcontrol 1.15.00 - Brain Computer Interfaces (BNCIs) based on EMG and EOG measurement
  • g.EYEtrackerInterface 1.15.00 – Allows to record and analyze eye tracking data together with other biosignals
  • g.HybridBCI 1.15.00 - Combination of P300 spelling device with SSVEP controlled switch for pausing and resuming the spelling of texts or controlling a smart home environment
  • g.P300 2.15.00 – P300-based Brain-Computer Interface (Single character and row/column flash speller)
  • g.RehaBCI 2.15.00 - Motor imagery based Rehabilitation tool
  • g.SSVEP 2.15.00 – SSVEP-based Brain-Computer Interface
  • g.UDPinterface 2.15.00 - UDP communication for data exchange between Simulink on different PCs
  • g.VIBROtactileP300 1.15.00 - Tactile P300 speller
  • g.VRsys 1.15.00 - Virtual reality for BCI

New version V2.14.01 of the “intendiX ” software is now available!

New version V5.15.00 of the “g.BSanalyze (offline biosignal analysis) ” software is now available!


  • Integration of Polhemus Patriot Digitizer for reading real coordinates of the electrodes
  • Export of montage object into XML file (coordinates and electrode names)
  • Automated Batch Starter function
  • Signal Quality Check for marking epochs, trials or channels containing bad signal quality
  • Support for MATLAB 2013a and 2014a
  • Support for Windows 8.1 Professional English Win64


New version V3.15.00 of the “g.RTanalyze ” software is now available!


  • Support for MATLAB 2014a and Windows 8.1
  • Biosignal processing blockset for usage with Simulink, for real-time applications


New version v1.14.00 of the g.NEEDaccess Server and g.NEEDaccess Client API software is now available!

Info about our new Software Release 2014

g.tec software is now compatible with MATLAB 2013a, Windows 7, LabView 2012, and Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

g.tec is happy to announce that all products were updated to software release R2014. The software packages were implemented to work with the following third party software components:

Software compatibility:

Windows 7 Professional Edition 32-bit English version
Windows 7 Professional Edition 64-bit English version
Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32-bit English version
Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit English version
LabVIEW 2012 32-bit English Version
LabVIEW 2012 64-bit English Version
MATLAB Release 2013a 32-bit/64-bit version, Matlab, SIMULINK, Signal Processing Toolbox, DSP System Toolbox, Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB Release 2013a 32-bit version, DAQ Toolbox

The main advantage of the 64-bit Windows version is that much more data can be processed on the computer. This is of special interest for large biosignal data-sets processed under MATLAB.

Download a table which lists available platforms for specific software packages in R2014: 

Available configurations


product no.: 0167 read more g.Recorder: Specs & Features — fully GUI-based (graphical user interface); comfortable biosignal visualization and storage; full control of the amplifier and header
product no.: 0167EXT read more g.Recorder Extension Pack — additional features for g.Recorder: real-time EP (evoked potential) visualization, video recording, data viewer mode, feature analysis: HR, HRV, CSA, CFM
read more High-Speed Online Processing under Simulink: Specs & Features — read biosignal data directly into SIMULINK; highly optimized hardware-interrupt controlled device driver; data processing with maximum system speed; signal analysis blocks
product no.: 0111 read more g.RTanalyze: Specs & Features — real-time biosignal processing blockset under SIMULINK; real-time algorithms
product no.: 0101 read more g.BSanalyze: Specs & Features — advanced biosignal data processing toolbox; multi-modal Off-line Biosignal Analysis under MATLAB®
product no.: 0168 read more High-Speed Online Processing under LabVIEW: Specs & Features — allows acquiring biosignals like EEG, EMG, EOG, and ECG with LabVIEW
product no.: 6306 read more g.NEEDaccess MATLAB API: Specs & Features — for realizing your own sophisticated data acquisition and processing software under MATLAB®
read more g.NEEDaccess — network enabled easy data access
product no.: 0264 read more g.UDPinterface: Specs & Features — data exchange with network connection between Simulink/MATLAB on different PCs (eg. BCI, VR, XVR, ...); single place licence; prerequisite MATLAB for OS English Win 32/64, SIMULINK
product no.: 0291 read more g.EYEtracking Interface for SIMULINK — read eyetracking information into Simulink

Complete Solutions

product no.: 6043 read more intendiX: Software only — Patient-ready EEG-based spelling system software only (single site license), for use with g.MOBIlab+ (EEG version) or g.USBamp
product no.: 6032 read more RehaBCI, PC included — 32 channels; consisting of: g.BCIsys32USB; g.VRsys; g.GAMMAbundle for g.USBamp CSP; g.UDPinterface; g.USBamp common spatial patterns model; 3D human avatar (g.AVATAR)
product no.: 8030 read more RehaBCI for g.HIamp — 80 channels; consisting of: g.HIamp 80; g.HIamp 80 package ACTIVE; g.HIamp SIMULINK High-Speed Online Processing; g.RTanalyze; g.BSanalyze: Base, EEG and Classify-toolbox; g.HIamp common spatial patterns model; g.VRsys; g.UDPinterface; 3D human avatar (g.AVATAR); business PC; bundle offer

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Hardware and Accessories

read more g.HIamp: Specs & Features — multi-channel biosignal amplifier
read more g.USBamp: Specs & Features — g.tec's high performance biosignal amplifier, acquisition and processing system
read more g.MOBIlab+: Specs & Features — mobile biosignal acquisition and processing with a PC or notebook
read more g.Nautilus: Specs & Features — wireless EEG system with active electrodes
read more g.VRsys: Specs & Features — complete Virtual Reality (VR) research system
product no.: 1302 read more g.STIMbox: Specs & Features — stimulation box to record and generate trigger signals; 16 digital outputs and 14 digital inputs; C API, MATLAB API and Simulink driver